Current downloads

REDDOXX Appliance Version 2033

Suitable for VMware, Hyper-V, XEN servers, KVM, VirtualBox and bare-metal appliances.

A serial number is required for registration.

Manuals and Screencasts:

User GUIs for REDDOXX Appliance Version 2033 or higher

Enduser applications:

REDDOXX Tools & Utilities

REDDOXX Universal E-Mail-Importer

Application for the import of e-mails:


REDDOXX MailDepot Tools (1.2.412)

Contains MailDepot Converter, Archive Reader and Container-Utility


REDDOXX MailSealer Light Reader (1.0.3)


Downloads for older versions of REDDOXX Appliance

REDDOXX Appliance Version 2032

Older appliance versions (for restoring backups)

User GUIs for REDDOXX Appliance Version 2032 and 2033

Enduser applications: