From now on we would like to show you what we are currently working on and what will be published with the next release.

10.06.2020 - Release of version 2033

Today we released the new release 2033 (see release notes) and will start working on the next version next week.

The next version will focus on the SMTP process of the REDDOXX Appliance. We are currently planning the following things:

  • Integration SPF
  • Integration DKIM
  • Integration DMARC
  • Support for TLS authentication (Mutual TLS / DANE)
  • Extension of the current routing options

If you have good ideas, suitable wishes or additions, please let us know. Please send us a short mail to, we will forward this to the development department.

05.05.2021 - Current status

In addition to the items listed above we have significantly expanded the work for the next release:

  • Completion of the redesign of the internal architecture. Now all processes and services are based on .NET 5.0 (simplifies future developments).
  • New synchronization of users and groups (e.g. from Active Directory)
    • Members of groups automatically receive deputy rights to the group's email address
    • This also automatically sets email-enabled public folders as deputies for the users
  • Integration of REDDCRYPT email encryption
  • Significant changes in the backend technology of MailDepot which results in a significant improvement in performance (especially when working with categories).
  • Integration of filtering options for the log files (date and process filters)
  • Complete redesign of the user interface (Web, Windows, Outlook Plugin)
  • Redesign of the mobile app

Screenshots (click to enlarge)